Desarrollo de sistema alternativo de comunicación para pacientes con cuadriplejia

J. Núñez, L. Recalde, C.Villegas, C. Yegros.,,,

Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería Biomédica, Facultad Politécnica, Universidad Nacional de Asunción. San Lorenzo, Paraguay

Keywords: alternative communication system, quadriplegia, diplegia, eye tracking control device, assistive technologies.

Abstract: According to the Report of PAHO exists in our country a high prevalence of road traffic accidents and cerebrovascular diseases. These are potential causes of quadriplegia, diplegia or severe movement impairment. For that reason, the objective of the project is develop a system that allows to patients with quadriplegia or diplegia of upper limb take control of computer. The EYE TRIBE® was used for the project which is a eye tracking control device. For the mouse buttons a hardware was developed using EASY VR 3.0® and ARDUINO UNO®. Furtermore the voice recognition of Window 8® was used to control the keyboard. Was observed as a result that the Eye Tribe is very useful, the condition for its proper operation is necesary ensure that the patient, the screen and the device are statics and ideally the most used icons must be located in the center of the screen. Also, Easy VR was configured so that certain voice commands in English activated the mouse buttons. It was concluded successfully with the development of a system that will improve the quality of life of patients with severe motor deficits and especially for patients withquadriplegia.

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